test shoot checklist

test shoot checklist

welcome to your soona model test shoot! we are so excited you are in studio with us today and we cannot wait to get to know you more!

if you haven't already, please make sure you sign in by writing your name (or your pet or child's) on the sign in sheet. the photographer will call the next name on the list when they are ready.

all steps below must be completed before you leave the studio. we encourage you to complete these steps while you wait to be called.


  1. get camera ready
  2. fill out your model traits
  3. review the shot list
  4. pick your props!
    (people models only)
  5. complete the survey
pet owners - please keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier while you wait. you will need to remove all leashes + collars during the test shoot.

if you need to go outside with your pet at any time, you will not lose your place in line. be sure to notify a crew if you plan to step outside for a length of time.

STEP 1: get camera ready

Please arrive in soona's standard wardrobe: white shirt, dark pants (black preferred), and closed-toe sneakers (white preferred)

if you do not have a white shirt, our studio crew has extra white t-shirts for you to borrow. just ask a crew member and they can retieve a shirt for you. after you are done being photographed, please return your shirt to the designated laundry bin or return it to a crew member.

STEP 2: fill out your model traits

  1. log into book.soona.co + login
  2. navigate to your crew profile
  3. find the pro service tab (you might need to scroll to the right on your tabs!)
  4. click edit + fill out information in all areas with a "!"
    1. we have ring sizers + measuring tapes available in studio to assist with measurement intake.
      input your left hand ring finger size for ring measurements
    2. don't forget to hit "save"!
  5. make sure all your services are turned OFF.

check out how to find the pro service tab on mobile

here is a quick video tutorial of how to fill out your pro service profile

full body model measurements

measuring foot width:

1. lay the tape measure flat on the floor. step across the tape measure with the ball of your foot (widest part).

2. line up the right most side against the 1 inch mark.

3. note where on the tape measure the left edge of your foot ends. subtract 1 inch.

4. find your shoe size + width measurement in the chart below to determine if you are narrow, medium, or wide.

determining arch type: look at the chart below to find the photo that looks most like your foot print. if you are unsure, look at the bottom of your socks or shoes to understand where most wear + tear occurs.

OR you could wet the bottom of your foot + step on a sheet of printer paper. compare that with the image below + select your arch type.

pet measurements

STEP 3: review the test shoot shotlist

take a peek at the test shoot shotlist: this list of photos is what we need for a full soona model portfolio.

if you have any questions about the shots, feel free to ask the photographer before you begin - or ask for another crew member.

we may skip some hand model shots for children under the age of 12.

people model test shoot

pet model test shoot

extra tip!
if you want some extra inspiration for poses, mood, or aesthetic, checkout a collection of actual soona model portfolios on models.soona.co!

STEP 4: pick your props!

(people models only)

checkout this list of soona props and pick one or two you may want to use during your test shoot.

there also may be some extra props in studio that are not listed on this page. if you can spot something else from the waiting area that you'd like to use, that's fair game too!

please don't go find or hold the objects you are interested in. the photographer will grab the props for you when the time comes! 🤗

note: the prop must be small enough to be held easily with 1-2 hands.

STEP 5: fill out the test shoot feedback survey!

once you're done with your test shoot, we want to hear how it went!

we will use this information to help ensure the best possible test shoot experience for all in the future.

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