test shoot details

hey there! we are excited to see what you bring in front of a camera! 📸 here's the low-down on how to be successful in your test shoot.

what to expect

our test shoots are 15-30 minutes long. there will most likely be other shoots going on when you arrive. your photographer will greet you at the door! 

  • for the everybody model + kid model roles, we’ll capture a headshot, full body shot, and hand shot. see the full shotlist HERE.
    • any body modifications will also be photographed. see below for more details.
  • for the pet model role, we’ll capture your pet's headshot, full body shot, and paw shot. see the full shotlist HERE.
  • if you’ve applied to multiple roles, we'll spend 15 minutes for each one.

 model assessment

While we welcome models of all experience levels to apply, we must ensure the highest quality experience and content for our collective and clients by sourcing the best providers possible.

Each applicant will be evaluated after their test shoot by your photographer on the following criteria: 

  • Professionalism
  • Skills Assessment
  • Test Shoot Completion & Quality
  • Final Assessment

Below is  the skills assessment rubric per category: 


  • Did you arrive on time? 
  • Were you able to collaborate and communicate well on set?

Hand Models- 

  • Are your nails clean and maintained and scratch/blister free?
  • Can you pose your hands in a variety of different positions
  • Can you hold heavy-ish objects and follow directions ? 

Full Body Models Adult/Teens -

  • Do you have diversity in posing/flexibility in body?
  • How well can you take direction?

Pet Models - 

  • Can the pet hold themselves still? Were they relaxed?
  • Can they do basic skills on command? 
  • Is the pet easy to work with? 

Child Models - Age 0 to 12

  • Can they hold relatively still & hold products? 
  • Can the child model smile when asked? (1+)
  • How well can they take direction? (Age 2+) 

things to consider for hand and full-body models:

  • please wear a white short sleeved top + dark pants
  • we also ask that you arrive with clean hands and trimmed fingernails without polish
  • bring or wear clothing that will show off any body modifcations (tattoos, piercings) that could be visible in photoshoots and that you would feel comfortable photographing for clients in future shoots.
    • note: you set those limits for yourself. please be upfront and clear in communicating those boundaries with us + your photographer.

your headshots are what client's will use to select during the booking process. they will expect you to look like very similar to your headshot photo. please make sure your look is something that is repeatable + sustainable for you.


things to consider for pet models:

  • have your pet well groomed or bathed
  • bring any treats or toys to keep your pet well-behaved
  • have your leash and collar when entering the studio


Once you've scheduled your test shoot you'll receive a confirmation email. You'll also receive reminder texts and emails 48 hour before your test shoot and a second reminder 24 hours before your test shoot.

late policy 

Test shoots and client shoots have strict schedules. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your test shoot and don’t notify our team, soona reserves the right to reject your application. 

Reschedule Policy & Cancelation Policy

If you can't make your test shoot please reschedule or cancel your shoot ahead of time. Please ensure that you reschedule or cancel at least 48 hours before Event Date Event Time. 

If you DO NOT reschedule or cancel 48 hours before your test shoot AND are a no call no show, soona reserves the right to reject your application.

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