Product Catalog v0

Product Catalog v0

Last updated 4/17/2023

key definitions

  • product - the virtual identity of an inventory item. this is what customers tend to sell. they generally have a unique SKU and soona should only have one representation of a product in the product catalog.
  • inventory item or item - the physical item a customer wants shot during a photoshoot. typically, customers sends soona inventory items or bring them into the studio. We may have more than one inventory item.

'how-to' deck here


The product catalog v0 is the earliest version of our product-based digital asset management system. The product catalog introduces customer products to the soona platform. Products are the backbone of customers' e-commerce businesses, so we wanted to empower our customers to use soona the same way they think about their business.

The product catalog is an opportunity for soona to learn more about our customers and provide them the easy tools to create, organize, search, and purchase.

Below we outline core the following core functionality:

  • navigating to the product catalog
    • for customers
    • for crew
  • adding new products
    • crew intake
    • manually adding products
    • Amazon integration
  • inventory
    • identifying products
    • managing inventory

Demo here!

  • for customers

customers can navigate to their product catalog in the top header navigation "MY PRODUCTS BETA" button.

  • for crew

currently, crew can navigate to their product catalog or that of customers by navigating to their dashboard and clicking 'products' next to the profile picture.

adding new products

  • crew intake - visit the link
    • the crew intake process powers the inventory + product association and the booking + product association. Currently, a package is associated with a booking, so when the inventory coordinator intakes a package they break out the various items associated with the booking and identify or create new products associated with the inventory item.
  • manually adding products

On the product catalog a customer can click "add products" and then click "create new" to add a new product.

  • Amazon integration

On the Product Catalog page a customer or crew member should be ale to click "import from Amazon" and walk through the Authorization flow to enable an import of Amazon products from a Seller's account.

The other option to import from Amazon is through the seller central app store. A customer can authorize by visiting the soona app in the Seller Central App Store (link here).


an additional feature of the product catalog is the ability to manage a users inventory in conjunction with the products by visiting the inventory tab

  • identifying products - there are two cases where customers might need to identify inventory
    1. had existing unidentified inventory. identified inventory was built for only forward-looking products during the intake process so all the inventory that predates the product catalog will be unidentified.

2. the intake crew was unable to identify the product so they left the intaken item as unidentified.

To identify an inventory item is to associate the physical inventory that soona has to the product (its identity).

At the top of the catalog on the inventory tab a user with unidentified products should see a bubble with the number of unidentified items.

To identify the item, the user should click identify and walk through the process of selecting an existing product or creating a new one to associate the item with.

  • managing inventory
    the tools to manage a users inventory are available on the inventory tab

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