how to add tracking information

where to add tracking information

once you ship us your products, uploading the tracking information helps us to get a better understanding of when the product will arrive, so we can get you on the schedule faster! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

pro tip: if you create a label through our website, the tracking will automatically be added to your booking
  1. if you generated your own shipping label on a carrier website or at a carrier store, open up your booking πŸ“•
  2. scroll down on the details tab of your booking until you see the "need help with shipping?" section πŸ›³
  3. click "add package", then "add new package" πŸ“¦
  1. fill out the package details and save! once the package arrives, we'll get you on the calendar! πŸ“†

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