the legal stuff

can you sign our NDA?

we have a mutual NDA we can each sign here: soona - Form of Mutual NDA.pdf. we do not sign outside NDAs at the moment. the account owner and any contributors are the only ones that has access to the account and content. furthermore, on your account profile, you may choose to opt out of soona using your content for marketing materials

do you offer payment plans?

we do not offer payment plans at this time. our preferred program offers various tiers to meet your budget needs. with a build your own shoot, you only pay for the content what you want.

when you purchase content, you purchase the license to use the content anytime, anywhere (websites, social media, digital marketing, paid advertising, print, etc.). you do not have a license to commercialize their use (i.e., sell them to others). soona retains ownership of the developed content and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights therein.

what assurance does soona provide that Pro Services don’t infringe or misappropriate a third party’s IP (e.g., a model’s right of publicity)?

all models have agreements with soona to participate in the pro services, but soona does not provide any such warranties. all soona models are royalty-free, so there are no limits on usage.

what if I want ownership of the photos?

with the soona preferred program, we offer an image buyout add-on for $10k/year. you will retain ownership of your purchased content and soona will maintain a license.

do you cover insurance for shipping?

we do not cover the item when it’s in transit. we do cover it once it’s in our facilities for up to $100K in client products.

is my product insured if it’s in your studio?

yes! once it’s in our studio, our insurance covers up to $100K in client products. 

what forms of payment do you accept?

we accept credit card payments only at this time. for soona preferred 200+ ($7,400) we can discuss payment via ACH.

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