packs vs build your own bookings

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how do packs differ from custom shoots?

are they discounted?

do they have a limit on the number of products I can shoot?

can I customize the shot list?

can I purchase as much content as I want?


yes! āœ…

yes! āœ… if you have multiple color variations of the same product, those count as individual products. we suggest a custom booking instead

no! āŒ set lists for pack shoots are preset by our crew. for more customization, book a custom shoot.

yes! āœ… you will prepay for the number of photos/videos that the pack offers, but you are always welcome to purchase more.

custom shoots

no āŒ



no! āŒ

yes! āœ… the world is your oyster.

yes! buy what you love šŸ’•

if you've booked a pack shoot and want to switch to custom, send us an email at and our customer support team can help!

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