how to build a shot list

how to build a shot list 

You’ve booked your custom shoot. ✅ Now what? Time to build your shot list!

A shot list is simply a list of images or videos you'd like your photographer to capture during the shoot.

We use your shot list to guide our shoot collaboration. We follow the list, take many angles, then you buy the ones you love! We move quickly during your live shoot, so your shot list is an important piece of an efficient shoot. 

Why a shot list is the key to your shoot success 

Shoots are more successful with a shot list. Period. Full stop. We can’t say this enough – shot lists are our love language! It’s the #1 tool your photographer uses to understand your goals. 

If you’ve never built a shot list, we’re here to help! The ideal shot list breaks simply down the following: 

  1. what you want to show (the subject) 
  2. where you want to show it (the environment) 
  3. how you want it to be photographed (the description)

Where to find your shot list

Each booking has a “shot list” tab at the top.

The shot builder makes it easy to select what you want and upload reference imagery that mirrors the end result you’d like to achieve. 

Add 1 scene for each piece of content you want. For example, if you selected that you’d like 6-10 photos in booking, your shot list should include the 6-10 unique scenes you’d like to capture. Here’s an example of 1 scene submission: 

soona offers free props that you can add to each shot. If you’d like to include other props you don’t see here, ship them to us and add your tracking number to your booking so we know they’re coming.

When you’ve added all the shots, click submit shot list. 

From there, we’ll review in detail to ensure we can accomplish your requests. We’ll email you if we need clarification or if what you shared is not within the scope of your shoot.

If you’d like content that features models, styling or other pro services that you did not select when you booked, reach out to! We’ll determine if we can add them to your upcoming shoot or need to schedule a separate shoot.

Examples of shot list submission to final imagery 

See these 3 examples of our client’s shot requests and how they came to life in a soona shoot: 

example 1:

example 2: 

example 3: 

You can build your shot list in just a few minutes! These simple starting points set your shoot up for success. 

Shot List FAQs 

What if I don’t know what I want or where to start? 

We’re here to help! Browse our inspiration page as your starting place. Take a few screenshots or save photos you like. Upload them on the shot list tab of your booking so you and your photographer have a starting place at your shoot kickoff.In addition to our custom “build your own” shoots, we offer packs that are designed to meet the best practices of the places you use content. This is our recommendation if you do not want to build your own shot list.

How detailed do I need to be? 

The shot list is the #1 tool your photographer uses to understand your brand and goals. To make the most of your time, the more detail we have about the end result you envision, the better.You might not know exactly what you want, so let’s break it down using the 3 steps we outlined above:

  1. What you want to show: which product? What props? 
  2. Where you want to show it: What color backdrop? Kitchen countertop? In a model’s hand? 
  3. How do you want it to be shot? straight-on ecomm? overhead like a bird’s eye view? soft lighting? or harsh shadows?

If we know these 3 things, we have a great starting place to show you options in your gallery during your live shoot. Our shot builder makes it EASY to answer these questions in just a few clicks.

When do I need to have my shot list completed?

We need a final shot list before we schedule your shoot. We use the shot list to determine important planning details like the settings and the length of your shoot.To have the most successful shoot, we recommend building your shot list within a few days of booking your shoot. This allows us time to review it while your package is en route before we schedule your shoot.If you adjust or add to your shot list after we schedule your shoot, we might need to schedule a separate follow-up shoot to complete all goals. 

What free props does soona already have? What if I need something that soona doesn’t have? 

You can see all of soona’s free props when you’re building your shot list or on our props page here. Need a prop that you don’t see on that page? Please ship it with your products!If you’d like fresh groceries or flowers in your content, book the grocery shopping pro service.  

I already built a shot list outside of the soona platform. Can I use that? 

Absolutely! Feel free to email with your shot list and our team will add it to your booking details. 

The resources you have to build your shot list: 

  • free props: these are soona’s props available at every studio! if you’d like to include other props you don’t see here: please ship them to us. 
  • soona’s previous work: get inspired by what we’ve done at soona! see something you love? screenshot it and upload it to your shot list. 
  • step by step video: watch a 60-second “how-to” video of every single step 

Ready to take your ecommerce and social media content to the next level? Get started today and create your booking here! Have additional questions? Reach out to with your goals and we’ll recommend a great starting place.

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