Return Shipping Policies

Return handling fee

The return handling fee and shipping label cost are not included in the booking downpayment and are charged when your items are getting processed for return.

soona charges a $20 return handling in addition to the shipping label cost(s) at the time of the return. Those fees and label cost(s) may be combined when charged to your account.

Example: $20 handling fee + $8.78 label cost may be charged as $28.78.

Damaged or lost items in transit

soona is not liable for damages or losses occurring in transit. We recommend submitting a claim with your respective carrier in the event that your package(s) have been damaged or lost by the carrier.

USPS claim page

UPS claim page

FedEx claim page

We package all items as to avoid damage from normal handling. If you believe items were improperly packaged, contact us at with a picture of the packing and the damage.

International returns policy

Incoming shipments:

soona accepts international shipments for shoots but is not responsible for international shipping costs, customs duties, or any costs associated with international shipments.

Return shipments:

soona will process international return shipments under the sole condition that the original sender provide us with a return shipping label and all the necessary documentation to ship items back to the sender, including but not limited to customs forms, commercial invoice, and certificate of origin. 

soona is not responsible for international customs duties or any costs associated with international shipments. Incoterms (international commerce terms) need to be set to DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). Any charges received by soona resulting from shipments marked as DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) will be billed back to the sender.

soona is not responsible for packages held up at customs.

soona highly encourages clients to purchase return shipping insurance.

soona will process international returns within 48 hours (2 days) upon receipt of the return shipping label and all proper documentation.

Refer to section 3.3 of soona’s terms of service for further information.

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