tax info: W9s and 1099 forms

Disclaimer - We are not tax advisors. Consult a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) if further questions arise.

W9 tax form

soona pro service providers are considered independent contractors and must provide tax information through a W-9 form during onboarding to be eligible for work and payment. W9s are used so soona can accurately create a 1099 form. Learn more about W9s below.

1099 tax form

During tax filling season soona will provide 1099 forms to all our independent contractors who made $600 or more within the tax filing year. soona uses 1099 forms to report the payments we make to you at the end of the year and know whether or not you are subject to backup withholding. Learn more about 1099 forms below.

In short, W9 forms are required for all our models. If you are not comfortable providing your bank or tax info before your first shoot I am happy to skip over this onboarding requirement. However, we will require you to input this info in order to be paid after your first shoot. 

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