stylist test

here’s the gist

  1. choose your styling categories 
  2. gather your tools and materials
  3. find a simple background
  4. set up and style your materials
  5. once your styling is complete snap a pic! 📸

we provide instructions, materials list, and example images for each category. you don’t need to replicate the images exactly. be as creative and unique as you’d like! 

styling categories 

you’ll be styling products or materials for two categories:

  1. the mandatory swatch 🎨 category 
  2. your choice on ONE of these three categories: 
  • food 🥑
  • product 🥃🧊
  • clothing 👕👟

what you’ll need  

  • camera 
    • phone or professional is acceptable
  • solid background 
    • bright bold colors or white is preferred
    • seamless color backdrop or a simple wall + surface is acceptable
  • materials 
    • each category has unique materials found on the category slides
    • you can substitute different items or ingredients if you don’t have the listed items

swatch 🎨

materials: paint, makeup/cosmetic, or a thick product to swatch 


  1. grab your product and add a glob or two to your surface (i.e. acrylic or plate)
  2. artistically smear the glob so it swatches
  3. snap a picture 📸

food 🥑

materials: plate, toast, avocado, cherry tomato, sprouts or greens


  1. grab your toast and tastefully arrange the mashed avocado, sprouts/greens, and tomatoes 
  2. neatly plate the toast 
  3. add sliced avocado and tomatoes around the plate 
  4. snap a picture 📸

product 🥃🧊 

materials: canned beverage, clear glass, ice, straw, fresh fruit 


  1. grab your drink and tastefully arrange the can, glass, ice, and straw 
  2. neatly position the glass + can side by side
  3. add the fruit around the glass or can
  4. snap a picture 📸

wardrobe 👕👟

materials: a steamed shirt/blouse, shoe, an accessory (watch, glasses, etc.)


  1. grab your steamed top and neatly fold it
  2. add in and layer your shoes + accessory 
  3. snap a picture 📸

submit your stylist test 

  1. snap a photo of your styling magic for your two categories
  2. make sure your file is in JPEG or PDF format
  • instructions for mac users found here or here
  • instructions for windows users found here or here
  1. save and name your file 
  • name your file soona stylist test -[first and last name]
  1. upload your file here

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