shoot details and shot list

shoot details & shot list

Each assignment contains shoot details + shot list tabs within the booking!

Shoot details are determined at booking time. Our shot list builder tool is available for clients to fill out anytime before their shoot.

once assigned to a shoot, you are expected to review + understand shoot goals, assignment notes, and any shotlist provided before accepting a shoot.

please review these materials again at least 24 hours before the shoot to ensure ultimate preparedness.

To find your assigned bookings, head to your dashboard > click the assignments tab > then click on the assignment.

shoot details include

  • client name
  • your role
  • messages from us (assignment notes)
  • shoot date, time, and location
  • shoot title, goals, and mood board

view from booking details page

shot lists include

  • type of media
  • shot subject
  • environment + action
  • description
  • reference images

view from booking shotlist tab

need more info?

checkout the soona platform 101 for dashboard info

see terms of service. use the collective quick link guide to navigate through our helpdocs!

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