soona platform

video tutorial

watch this quick tutorial video about the platform.


the soona platform is our online app where all the shoot magic takes place. ✨

in the platform you will be able to:

  1. manage your services + traits in your pro service profile
  2. add availalibity
  3. view your assignments
  4. accept + decline shoots
  5. read booking details, assignment notes, + shot lists

we will describe how to navigate the platforms most prominent features for pro service providers: your dashboard, booking details, and shot lists.


most everything you will need + utilize is located right on your soona dashboard! you can toggle through your dashboard using the tabs below your contact info + soona style quiz results.

below is a snapshot of what your dashboard should look like.

if you are missing any tabs on your dashboard, please email us at

view your assignments

You can view upcoming and past assignments under the assignments tab from your dashboard in two different ways!

  • the calendar view
    • best to confirm when you have selected availability + when you have a shoot
  • list view
    • best to accept or deny shoots
    • quickly see shoot details (assignment notes, location, date, + time)
calendar view

list view

assignment details

each assignment contains shoot details + shot list tabs within the booking! click into an assignment to find the booking details.

booking details are determined at time of booking.

read more about reviewing assignment details before accepting HERE.

if you have any questions about when you are scheduled or what the shoot goals are, please text us at 844-577-6662 or email

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