communication standards

where you will receive communications from us. and different types of communication you may see.

these stated expectations are for both you + us. we mutually agree to communicate with these time frames + purposes below.

bottom line

soona operates at a very fast pace. we appreciate quick responses.

we understand schedules + life do not always allow for immediate responses, however, we do expect responses have a sense of urgency.

texts should be responded to by the end of the day.
no later than 24 hours.

emails should be responded to within 24 hours.
no later than 48 hours.

consistent failure to respond in these time frames are terms for suspension.

forms of communication

your soona crew will communicate with you in 2 different ways: email + text.

soona operates M-F 8am-6pm across several time zones (CT / MT / PT). the majority of our communications will be received and sent within this time frame.

if you respond to us outside of our business hours, there is no guarantee our crew will see the communication before the next business day.

toll-free phone #: (844)-577-6662.

what is this used for?

  • shoot coordination needs
  • quick, simple questions
  • urgent communication

expected response time

  • ASAP
  • no later than 24 hours
don't ghost us! 👻

if your answer is no, please still respond with "no", "I can't", etc.

if you are unsure about an answer, respond with "I'm unsure..." "I don't know..." and include a time frame we can expect an answer.

this helps us create the best game plan for the shoot.

consistent ghosty communication are terms for suspension.



what is this used for?

  • assignment notifications
  • onboarding + off-boarding information
  • process updates
  • standards + expectation reminders
  • specific client request outreach
    • ie: "client is looking for talent that owns roller skates. email us if that's you!"
  • answering collective questions

expected response time:

  • within 1 business day
emails are a very important part of soona communication!
please check the email on your profile daily for assignments + updates.

cancellations + reschedules

if a client or soona cancels an assignment, you will receive an assignment cancellation email. depending on how close the cancelation occurs to shoot start time, you may also receive a text message notifying you of the cancelation.

[URGENT] communications

in urgent situations, the first attempt is always to text + lead with [URGENT] before the message. these are messages that require immediate attention and responses.

urgent situations soona might reach out to you about include:
  • the client last minute cancelled or rescheduled a shoot
  • photographer is out sick + shoot is cancelled within 24 hours
  • another talent canceled day of shoot + we want you to fill their spot
  • last minute client requests (manicure, wardrobe requirements, etc)
  • anything else that needs same day solutions

urgent situations you (provider) might reach out to soona about include:
  • chipped manicure same day of shoot
  • running late
  • explanation for an emergency cancellation (please still use standard cancelation protocol)
  • manicure salon doesn't have the correct color + you need help with suggestions
  • anything else that needs same day solutions

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