assignments is a feature that allows soona to assign you to a shoot, share shoot details, and organize all your upcoming shoots in one dashboard. see terms of service here.

assignments are visible on your soona dashboard. you are automatically sent an assignment email once assigned to a shoot.

please check your email regularly to ensure no assignments are missed.

the assignment tab + assignment emails help:

  • notify you about new jobs you have been requested for
  • organize all your upcoming bookings
  • you review shoot goals, shot list, assignment notes, and any model details
  • remind you to accept or declined bookings
  • update you on any changes to the assignment

video tutorial

please watch this brief overview + video tutorial. then read the additional steps + expectations below.

assignment email types

there are three types of assignment emails:

  1. assignment email
  2. assignment reminder email
  3. assignment updated email

assignment email

assignment emails notify you of a new booking or assignment your services are needed for, prompts you to review the booking information, and requests an "accept" or "decline" response.

the following information is outlined in the assignment email:

  1. assigned role
  2. shoot title
  3. client name
  4. shoot start time + duration (+ expected arrival time information)
  5. assignments notes
  6. links to the booking details page + shotlist

see the example below:

assignment reminder emails

assignment reminder emails are sent when we do not receive an "accept" or "decline" response from you within 1 business day of being assigned to a booking.

this email will resurface all the same information as the original assignment email and once again prompt you to accept or decline the booking within the platform.

if we still do not have an accept or decline within another business day after receiving the reminder email, you will be automatically removed from the booking.

repeated non-response to assignments is terms for suspension from the collective.

assignment update emails

these emails are sent when one or more of the following details about the booking is changed:

  • shoot duration changed
  • assignment notes were edited
  • client edited the shoot goals

if you receive this email, you are fully responsible for re-reviewing all shoot details and information to note any changes. if you receive this email after accepting the shoot, you do not have to re-accept the assignment. we assume you will still be servicing the shoot.

if the update prevents you from being able to service the shoot + you need to cancel, please cancel via the soona platform.

at this time, providers do not receive any reprecussions for cancelling due to a shoot update.

accept/decline assignments

all assignments require you to accept or decline.

you must accept or decline assignments in the platform within 2 business days of being assigned. if you fail to respond, your services will be canceled and replaced for that shoot.

where to accept or decline assignments:

you can accept / decline in two places

  • within the booking itself
    • you can navigate here by clicking "respond" within the assignment email.
      • OR by clicking into the booking via the assignments tab from your dashboard.
    • accept / decline buttons are present in both the details tab and pro service tab of the booking.
  • the assignments tab on your dashboard
    • log into your soona dashboard > assignments tab > list view > accept / decline.

accepting an assignment

if you accept a shoot, you agree to provide your services to the best of your ability to meet client goals, at the location, date + time listed.

please ensure you have reviewed all shoot information available before you accept an assigment.

if you have questions about anything in the shotlist, shoot details, assignment notes, etc. please reach out to before accepting.

if you decline a shoot after accepting, this is considered a cancellation. soona has a very strict cancellation policy. you can review that policy here.

view from the booking

view from dashboard 

what if I'm uncomfortable with the shoot goals?

we only wish to ask services of you that you are comfortable + confident accomplishing.

after reviewing the assignment materials (shot list, shoot goals, assignment notes), if you feel unable or uncomfortable either obtaining or providing services to meet client needs, please decline the shoot.

if you have questions about an assignment, please reach out to us at before accepting the shoot. we will happy to answer any questions, comments, and concerns in order to make sure you feel confident accepting the assignment.

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