reminder emails + suspension

reminder emails + suspension

detailed description of what to expect from soona standards reminder emails + the types of issues we will address. see full terms of service.

what are reminder emails?

reminder emails are sent upon notification that soona's communicated standards have not been met. they are designed to help reeducate on our expectations moving forward.

we value each one of our collective members and want to give plenty of opportunity to learn, grow, and excel. additionally, we need to be able to promise our customers a certain level of quality and reliability from our collective.

we are continuously striving for a culture of efficiency, candor, and kindness. this reminder email process has been put in place to support these desires. for this reason, we will send 2 official reminder emails before acting on suspension. some instances may also elicit a courtesy email, which will be sent prior to the first official reminder email.

our commitment to you: in these communications, we will always be as specific and clear as possible with what did not go the way we expected, when it occured, how we would like to see change in the future, and the amount of reminder emails left before suspension.

courtesy emails

some issue types will receive a courtesy email before the first reminder email is sent out. courtesy emails act as just that - a courtesy. no record will be made against you. if actions persist after the courtesy emails, the first official reminder email will be sent.

below is a breakdown of which issue types receive courtesy emails + which issues begin with an official reminder.

what is suspension?

suspension will occur after 2 official reminder emails have taken place for the same issue with no improvement in action. upon suspension, we will remove your services from our directory and will be removed from our communication systems. this means you will not be booked with for shoots and will no longer have a pro service provider account type on

suspension will last 90 days. after the 90 days, you will be welcome to reapply to the collective for reconsideration. upon suspension, you will receive an email from us describing the reasons for suspension as well as the earliest date you can reapply, if you choose to do so.

immediate dismissal

immediate dismissal is when a provider is removed from the collective automatically after any of the  following instances below occur. you will receive a follow up email to notify you have been removed from our collective indefinitely. unlike a normal suspension, you will not have the ability to reapply to the soona collective.  

terms for immediate dismissal:

  1. compromising or externally sharing customer information
  2. verbal or physical harassment towards the customer or the crew
  3. online harassment
  4. damaging / harming soona property
  5. falsifying information (e.g. HMU certification was false)
  6. not following regulations and safety codes (e.g. unsanitary tools)
  7. no call, no show to an accepted shoot. (ie: not showing up and not contacting us beforehand)
  8. late to an accepted shoot by over 30 minutes with no communication beforehand.

reapplying to the collective

after 90 days has past from suspension date, you may reapply to be a part of the collective at reapplication does not guarantee that you will be invited back into the collective.

if you are invited back into the collective, you must go through the full onboarding process again to ensure that our standards + expectations are understood. this also ensures you will be informed of any changes in process + expectations that occured during the 90 day suspension.

issue types

below is a list of issues we may address. additionally, this chart showcases which issues will receive courtesy emails and which will receive a first reminder email after the first offense.

courtesy email

first reminder

inaccurate / absent availability

late arrival (15+ min after shoot start time)

inaccurate pro service profile traits 

(incorrect sizing, body mods listed, etc)

late cancels

ghosting (before being scheduled)

ghosting (after being scheduled)

poor nail + cuticle quality

arrived with unrequested / unapproved manicure

poor manicure quality 

(pro service team's judgement on courtesy or first reminder depending on severity of poor quality)

did not wear or bring standard wardrobe

manicure - didn’t go to a salon

manicure - didn’t get a manicure 

(missed assignment note)

doesn’t look like test shoot photo 

(non communicated appearance change)

unclean tools (HMUA)

not accepting / declining assignments

gaining clarity

if you are ever wondering where you are in terms of courtesy + reminder emails before suspension, please do not hesitate to reach out to the pro services team at

we'd be happy to give any status updates necessary to help us work better together. you are also always welcome to share feedback about the soona process that may be preventing you from meeting our expectations and standards. we want to ensure you are as set up for success as possible.

thank you!

and lets go be great together!

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