pro service profile

what is a pro service profile?

your pro service profile is where we collect and store all your service related traits. all pro service providers must have their services & traits filled out before their first shoot.

you can find your pro service profile on your soona account dashboard ( after you log in, navigate to your dashboard + click the "pro service profile" tab as pictured below.

video tutorial

edit service

  1. login to your soona account HERE
  2. click on pro service profile
  3. turn ON all your services
  4. click edit service
  5. select age group
  6. fill out all visible fields in each of the traits
  7. click submit once all traits are entered accurately
  8. repeat steps 3-5 for all services on your profile

email if...

  • you don't see the pro service profile tab on your account dashboard
  • you don't see the services you provide in your pro service profile
  • you no longer want to offer a service that is currently in your pro service profile

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