Press On Manicures

Press On Manicures

Press on manicures are the service that allow clients to add press on nails to their hand or full body model.

When you are assigned to have a press on manicure you must arrive to the studio 30 minutes before the shoot to prep you natural nails and apply the press on nails.


All models will be paid a $10 bonus every time you are asked to come in early to apply press on nails for a shoot. Please add your press on manicure bonus to to your next invoice along with the modeling service you provide on the shoot.

Follow our invoice and payment process. Please separate the manicure bonus from your modeling compensation. Select manicure for category and type $10 for price. See example below.

Shoot Arrival

All models MUST arrive 30 minutes before the shoot start time to prepare and apply press on nails. Our scheduler will indicate to arrive early within assignment notes.

How to Apply

Watch this video to see an overview of how to apply the nails!


  1. Ensure your natural nails are nicely trimmed.
    1. Use the nail clippers and manicure kit to shorten and file nails if needed.
  2. Ensure your cuticles are nicely trimmed.
    1. Use the cuticle clippers and manicure kit to clip excess cuticles if needed.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and pat dry to remove excess water.
  4. Wipe your nails and cuticles using the prep pad in the box.
    1. You can also use a cotton pad and nail polish remover available in our studio.

Find Your Nail Size

The imPRESS Manicure kit sizes start at ‘0’ as the largest nail and ‘11’ as the smallest nail. The size of the nail is marked on the adhesive size of the nail near the edge.

To find the right nail size line up the tab to your cuticle so that it covers your entire surface of your nail. The cuticle side of the nail is rounded and has a tab.

Right Nail Size

The right nail size will cover the entire surface of your nail perfectly.

If the there is no extra space between the nail and your cuticles the nail is a right fit- you can move on to application.

Wrong Nail Size

If there is extra space between the nail and your cuticle the nail is too small and you'll need to go one size up.

If the nail is covering your cuticles the nail is too big and you'll need to go one size down.


  1. Peel the clear plastic tab from the back of the nail to reveal the adhesive.
  2. Align the bottom tab of the nail with your cuticles.
  3. Press the nails down onto your natural nail.


Once your shoot ends you can remove and discard the press on nails. You are welcome to leave the nails on and take them home with you.

If you have another shoot you may be asked to remove the nails for the next shoot.

  1. Peel the nail off- starting at the sides.
  2. Use the manicure stick to help lift and fully detach the press on nail from your natural nail.
  3. Discard the used nails that were applied for the shoot.
  4. Hand the box of unused nails to your photographer to be stored.

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