pet model faqs

arrival time

When am I expected to show up?

please arrive to your studio 10-15 minutes early. arriving on time is considered late. 3 late arrivals is terms for removal from the collective.

see our late + cancellation policy for more details


Should my pet be groomed a certain way?

Please have your pet looking their best and as close as possible to how they looked in their test photo. 


What the expected behavior in the studio?

Please bring treats if you think your animal will need that to behave their best during the shoot. Please keep your animal on a leash or in a carrier when they are not on camera.

if you need to go outside with your pet at any time, be sure to notify a crew member of the duration of your break.

pet details

What personal details should I let you know about? 

Let us know if your pet doesn't work well with specific animals or if you have any animal allergies we need to know about so we can add them to your details page.

video shoots

Please let us know if you’re willing to appear on camera with your pet if the situation arises. 

need more info?

check out our collective quick links guide to help navigate through our helpdocs!

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