hand + full body model standards

intro to soona model standards

✨ hello beautiful people!✨ we are so excited to have you in our collective and to collaborate with you! below are some laid out appearance standards.

these standards are created to keep the integrity + diversity of our collective. if you have any questions concerns about the requirements below, please email collective@soona.co


full body + hand models are both expected to arrive in standard wardrobe with clean bare nails for each shoot.

anything required in addition to these standards will be communicated to you via assignment notes in the assigned booking.

if instructed to wear other clothing, please still bring standard wardrobe with you as a backup outfit option.

full body models may hand model during shoots.
hand models may be upgraded to full body models during shoots.

arriving in standards each time assures you are prepared for both scenarios.

standard wardrobe

white t-shirt. jeans. undergarments. hair. and light to no makeup.

details below:


  • no distressed jeans or holes
  • black or dark wash blue jeans only

white t-shirt

  • fitted white t-shirt preferred
    • stay away from loose + baggy,
    • overly revealing, or
    • overly tight shirts
  • no low cut shirts
  • no crop tops
  • no tank tops


  • nude undergarments (if applicable)


  • clean + natural looking hair
  • similar to test shoot photo
  • for long hair: please bring at least one hair tie, bobby pins, or other accessories to pull hair back upon request


  • light + natural, or no makeup
  • if a heavier makeup look was used in your test shoot, please bring necessary makeup + supplies to mimic that look upon client request.
  • if a hair + makeup artist is hired, please come with a clean, bare face. no makeup. we will specify in your shoot assignment if an HMUA will be on site.
    • you will be notified of an HMUA on set in the assignment notes
self-care + prep suggestions:
- exfoliate + moisturize face and skin
- good night's sleep
- hydration
- caretaking of any specific body parts that may be highlighted during the shoot based on shot list and shoot goals (hands, finger nails, face, head, full-body).

clean, bare nails

please arrive to shoots with natural nails and no nail polish.

trimmed, filed, + buffed nails.

exfoliated + moisturized hands.

no nail polish

  • no nail polish should be visible on nails
  • no fake nails
    exception applies for any soona client requested manicures.

trimmed, filed, + buffed nails

  • nail length should be 1 cm above fingertip or shorter
  • nails should be shaped evenly with a file + buffed
    • you can buff nails with a nail buff block such as this one

exfoliated + moisturized hands

  • lightly clean up cuticles + dead skin around nails.
    • use cuticle oil to hydrate area around nails
      • (like this oil - or an oil of your choosing)
  • exfoliate + moisturize hands

all hand + nail prep should be done day of shoot. no sooner than day before. if you have damaged nails, please be proactive + reach out to your crew before you arrive for the shoot.

text us at 844-577-6662 or email collective@soona.co and provide a picture.


if a press on or custom manicure is requested for your shoot, please refer to the following documents below for instructions.

press on manicure

custom manicure

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