expected arrival times

expected arrival times

by service

these are standard expected arrival times listed by service. arriving at shoot start time is considere late.

3 late arrivals result in a suspension. arriving more than 30 minutes late to a shoot with no prior communication results in immediate suspension.

if an assignment requires a different arrival time than stated here, it will be shared with you via the assignment notes.

you can view assignment notes in the assignment email, in the booking's pro services tab, or in the booking's details page.


Expected Arrival Time


- hand model

- full body model

- pet model

15 minutes before shoot start time

Models + Press On Manicure

- hand model + press on manicure

- full body model + press on manicure

30 minutes before shoot start time

- check out press on manicure process

- don't forget you get a $10 bonus for press on manicure shoots!

Models + Custom Manicure

- hand model + custom manicure

- full body model + custom manicure

15 minutes before shoot start time.

- manicure must be obtained from a professional salon within 24 hours of the shoot start time. check out the custom manicure process here.

- don't forget you get fully reimbursed + a $25 bonus for custom manicure shoots!

Models + Hair & Makeup

- full body model + hair and makeup service

30 minutes before shoot start time

please come with a clean face (no makeup) and clean unstyled hair.


15 minutes before shoot start time

Grocery Shoppers

groceries to be delivered 24-48 hours before shoot start time. not sooner not later.

all shoots on Mondays should have groceries delivered by end of day Friday.

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