hand and full-body model faqs

terms of service

review our terms of service HERE.

arrival time

When am I expected to show up?

We’ll usually have you arrive 10-15 minutes early to prepare, unless specified otherwise. 

Arriving at shoot start time is considered late. 3 late arrivals is terms for release from the collective.

preparing for a shoot

Do I need to prepare anything before a shoot?

If not otherwise specified, please arrive in standard wardrobe and with clean, bare nails. check out the full document 👉🏼 HERE

standard wardrobe includes:

  1. white t-shirt + dark jeans.
  2. hair down or as is in your soona headshots.
    1. if you have long hair, please bring at least one hair tie + bobby pins or clips.

clean, bare nails includes:

  1. a short cut nail. (no longer than 1 cm above the finger tip.)
  2. shaped + filed.
  3. no polish + buffed.
  4. exfoliated + lotioned skin.

You will receive any specific clothing and hair and make up recommendations before your shoot. You are not required to purchase specific clothing, but we will ask you to bring several options as close as possible to what the client has requested. Please let us know if wardrobe requests are not attainable.

if other wardrobe is specified, please still bring a white t-shirt + dark jeans as backup wardrobe.

Arrive ready to work and with your hair and make up done as specified, unless you’ve been notified ahead of time that you will be getting it done as part of the shoot. 


What if I’m asked to get a manicure?

A client may ask you to get a manicure. The manicure request + color will be specified in the assignment notes in your assignment email.

You will need to save your receipt and submit it, and add the manicure to your invoice. 

Check out the full manicure process here.

How should my nails be prepared? 

If the client does not request a manicure, we ask that you come with clean bare nails, moisturized hands and nail beds. 

see hand + full body model standards for more specifics


Because of the nature of your contract work at soona, we cannot reimburse for personal cost (ie. mileage, parking fee etc).

We are able to reimburse for manicured nails, but we cannot reimburse you for any other personal upkeep cost.

We encourage contractors to keep their upkeep cost receipts. If you make enough income from soona to claim it on your taxes, these receipts + costs can be filed as deductions.

body modifications

What personal details should I let you know about? 

Please let us know if you have any tattoos, permanent jewelry, gauged ears, allergies, fear of animals, restrictions, etc. We will add these notes to your details page.

If you change your look, be sure to email us so we can get you in for updated headshots!

Can I change my look?

Yes! Just let us know as soon as you do. The clients will expect you to look like your soona test photo so we’ll want to give them notice if you’ve changed anything. 

video shoots and voice overs

Do I need to be on video? 

We don't require all our models to act on camera or do voice overs. When you onboard, you’ll be able to select if you're interested in acting or voice over assignments.

If your interest ever changes, email us at collective@soona.co and we will update your profile.

more info

check out our collective quick links guide to navigate to other detailed helpdocs

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