custom manicure

custom manicures

Custom manicures is the service reserved for clients whose product is a manicure tool or nail product such as nail gels, powders, colors, acrylics, etc. When you are assigned to receive a custom manicure you will be required to pick up the nail product in-studio and go to a nail salon to apply the nail products with a manicure.

model compensation 

$25 extra for the time and effort to get a manicure + reimbursement for the manicure costs.

soona manicure product pick up

with custom manicures you may be asked to pick up the manicure products from the studio 1-2 days before your shoot. soona will also provide reference images that you can show your nail tech to get the best manicure results.

booking a manicure 

feel free to book a manicure at your salon of choice. we have recommendations for salons near the studios below.

  • please note: most manicure requests will need to be obtained quickly + should not be permanent or long lasting.
  • we encourage you to book with salons that can get you in last minute + quickly. yet also still provide high quality services.
  • if you are particular about the type of nail tech you use + it takes longer than 1 week to get a manicure, we ask you to please use a different salon for our shoots.
    • if this is out of the question, let us know so we can make a note on your profile. this may limit the amount of manicure shoots we can give you.

soona will provide details regarding

  • general time frames for the manicure
  • manicure styles and requirements 

nails salons

we encourage hand models to get a manicure at one of three salons with a 5-10 mile radius of the studio that offer the OPI colors in our nail polish catalogue.






  • ask for a receipt upon payment 
  • take a picture of the receipt to submit on your invoice.

reimbursement period 

  • submit invoice on normal submission deadlines:
    • 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

compensation & reimbursement process

to be fully reimbursed and compensated for a custom manicure you MUST submit an individual invoice for every custom manicure.

  1. login to the soona invoice management system
  2. click on the Invoices button ($ sign) on the left side bar.
  1. click on Add New Invoice near the upper right hand corner.
  1. under Item type "(shoot date) - (shoot name) - compensation"

  1. under Category select the manicure
  2. under Quantity enter 1
  3. under Price enter $25
  4. under Item type "(shoot date) - (shoot name) - manicure reimbursement"
  5. under Category select the manicure
  6. under Quantity enter 1
  7. under Price enter the total amount paid for the manicure as it appears on the receipt
  8. under Upload invoice file upload a picture of your manicure receipt
  9. under Invoice name enter "(first and last name) - custom manicure - (shoot name) - (shoot date)"
  10. under Notes add any notes you have for the soona crew
  11. under Accounting GLS select reimbursement
  12. click Save to submit your invoice

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