cancellations and late policy


what are cancellations?

cancellations are when you become unavailable for a shoot after accepting the assignment.

these are extremely disruptive to the soona timeline due to the fast paced nature + many moving parts of production. the best ways to avoid canceling are to:

  1. keep your availability up-to-date + accurate so we only assign shoots when you are free for them.
  2. accept assignments after reviewing ALL shoot information: date, time, shoot goals, client website/socials.
    1. please ask any + all questions before accepting the assignment.
    2. if you are unsure if you will make the shoot, please decline the assignment.

to accept an assignment is to enter a commitment to provide your services to the best of the your ability at the date, time + location shown.

we assume all details are read + understood when an assignment is accepted.

please speak up when you have questions or are uncomfortable with shoot goals stated before accepting. we want to hear your voice + ensure you feel safe and can have fun on every shoot.

with all that said - life happens. if you absolutely need to cancel, please follow the below procedures.

I need to cancel a shoot, what do I do?
  1. log into
  2. navigate to your dashboard
  3. click on the assignments tab (list or calendar view)
  4. click "cancel" on all assignments you can no longer attend.
  5. email with your reasoning for canceling.
    1. if we do not hear from you about why you canceled, we will assume it was not due to emergency or sickness.

under no circumstances should the client be reached out to. soona will handle all client communications.

please note: we have a strict cancelation policy. if you cancel 3 times not due to emergency or sickness, you will be suspended from the collective.

late cancellations are not permitted for any other reasons other than emergencies or sickness. if you late cancel twice, you will be suspended from the collective.

if you are a no call no show to an accepted shoot, you will be immediately dismissed from the collective with no option of reapplying at a later time. 

what if a client or soona cancels the shoot?

you will be notified of any cancelations via an assignment cancelation email.

more than 24 hours in advance

if soona or the client cancels a shoot more than 24 hours in advanced for any reason, you will receive a cancelation email. you will not be compensated for blocked off or saved time.

less than 24 hours in advance

when soona or a client cancels your accepted shoot within 24 hours, we will compensate $25 for the blocked off time. please include these last minute cancelled shoots in your invoice using the process stated at the bottom of the invoice helpdoc.

when soona or a client cancels your accepted shoot at the start of or during a shoot, you will be paid the full amount of hours scheduled.

late policy 

arriving at shoot start time is considered late.

all services are expected to arrive before shoot start time. expected arrival time varies by service.

view expected arrival times here.

3 late arrivals are terms for suspension.

if you arrive 30 minutes after shoot start time and do not communicate with us before hand, you will be immediately dismissed with no option to rejoin the collective at a future date.

immediate dismissal

immediate dismissal is when a provider is removed from the collective automatically after any of the  following instances below occur. you will receive a follow up email to notify you have been removed from our collective indefinitely. unlike a normal suspension, you will not have the ability to reapply to the soona collective.  

terms for immediate dismissal:

  1. compromising or externally sharing customer information
  2. verbal or physical harassment towards the customer or the crew
  3. online harassment
  4. damaging / harming soona property
  5. falsifying information (e.g. HMU certification was false)
  6. not following regulations and safety codes (e.g. unsanitary tools)
  7. no call, no show to an accepted shoot. (ie: not showing up and not contacting us beforehand)
  8. late to an accepted shoot by over 30 minutes with no communication beforehand.

need more info?

use our collective quick links guide to help navigate through our helpdocs or our terms of service.

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