availability: add + update

adding + updating availability

adding + updating availability is an essential piece to becoming a successful provider with us. if you do not enter any availability in the platform, we assume you are unavailable for shoots - and therefore we do not assign you bookings.

if you do not update your availability when your schedule changes, we then assign you bookings during times you cannot attend, resulting in an increase in declined assignment offers.

video tutorial

watch this quick video tutorial. then read below for more details.

sharing your availability

  1. sign in to your soona account here
  2. click on the availability tab
  3. hit "edit availability"
  4. select the times you can guarantee your availability if assigned to a booking.
    if you are not available for the full hour, please leave that segment unselected.

  1. click on the forward arrow ( > ) and add your availability until the date shown at the top of the tab. you may enter in more availability if you know it.
    models - during client's model selection, models appear in order of most availabile within the next three weeks, to the least available.

    the more time slots you have selected, the more chances you have of getting picked for a booking.

updating your availability

please update your availability on a weekly basis so we know when you can accept shoots. the scheduling tab indicates through which date we require availability to be posted.

regularly updating your availability will help us avoid scheduling you for dates and times when you are unavailable. if your availability changes please make sure to update your availability calendar asap.

availability reminders

email reminders will be sent out weekly every Wednesdays. these automatic emails are sent to everyone to serve as a friendly reminder.

upon receiving this email, action is required if your availability has changed, or if you need to input availability for the upcoming 2 week period. if you have filled out your availability and nothing has changed, then no action is required.

shoot scheduling

soona will only schedule you for shoots during dates and times marked as available. you will receive an assignment email once assigned to a shoot.

read assignments for more information

  • if you are assigned at a time you are no longer available, please decline the assignment ASAP + update your availability in the soona dashboard.
  • if you accept a shoot, then become unavailable, this is a cancellation. please cancel within the soona app and then email us at collective@soona.co with a reason why you needed to cancel.
    we have a very strict cancellation policy. if you cancel an accepted shoot three times, your services will be suspended from the collective.

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